KSA Vision

We will establish a new brand of KSA International in a new system.

Since its establishment in 1946, in Kyoto, KSA International has grown as a customs broker together with customers and promotes corporate cultural exchanges through international transportation and contributes to the creation of productive human environments.

We launched a new brand of KSA International with a new system in October 2011, to commemorate 65 years since our establishment.

First, we set out to “acquire international strength” and build a foundation of trust by developing human resources who are competent both domestically and internationally and cultivate logistics creativity.

Second, we set out to “strengthen group power and expand our global network” and enhance the appeal of our products and then develop and raise customer peace of mind.

Third, we set out to “acquire corporate strength in response to change” and acquire strength which allows us to achieve innovation as a business in response to change in laws, change in economic environment and change in international circumstances.

We will make full use of our “corporate characteristics” to the maximum extent, hold to our “customer creed” reflected in our company motto and seek to achieve a KSA International that satisfies customers and contributes to society.

KSA International will continue to challenge change.
We thank you for your continuous and sincere support.