International Freight Forwarding

KSA International takes care of your shipment safely and surely by utilizing our global networks covering more than 80 countries using various modes of transportation, which includes air, ocean and rail services.

At KSA International, we offer a variety of transportation arrangements to meet your business needs, such as reducing costs with buyer consolidation and reducing lead times with express services. In addition to transporting freight in and out of Japan, we can also make use of our global network to arrange trilateral transport, such as cross-border transport by truck, in addition to air and sea transport.

Overseas Branches


Air and Sea Transportation

Requests for logistics are becoming more sophisticated and need quick action. KSA International Inc. hires IATA certified employees and enhance our global and domestic networks in order to meet these requirements.
Our staff at each airport offices also carry out other legal applications procedures and inspections, such as quarantine of food items, animals, and plants. In addition, our trading experts, who have an outstanding track record of performance with trading companies and manufacturers, work to eliminate any waste, excess, and inconsistencies from the client's point of view and provide full support for efficient and optimal logistics.

01 Effective Proposals

【By air】
With our global network, we make the optimal recommendations to meet your needs for faster air freight.
【By sea】
We offer the ideal plans to meet your needs, such as buyers consolidation and shipper packing.
Our suggestions will help you to reduce lead times and costs.

02 Door to Door Services

【By air】
Door-to-Door logistics arrangement such as packing, customs clearance and transportation.
Appropriate advices by IATA certified employees.
【By sea】
Door-to-door logistics arrangement including cargo installation and rigging.

03 Safety

【By air】
Support not only for transportation, but also for government approvals and inspections.

04 Handling Diverse Products

【By sea】
KSA International offers all kinds of logistics from small products to large items, including special cargoes.

05 Reliable Logistics Service

【By air & sea】
We provide a unified contact point for each client or freight item, and we take responsibility for successful delivery. Utilizing our own transport hubs and well-developed network, we can trace the progress of transportation at any time.

Operation Procedures

Products Handles

Apparel, alcoholic beverages/drinks, semiconductors, food, medical devices, fine arts, aerospace parts and materials, automotives, environment/energy, airport ground support equipment, industrial equipment/devices

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