Procurement Agency Service

Service not only transportaion, but also acting as our clients procurement department

It is a very important key factor for companies to streamline complicated procurement procedure such as purchase order control, inventory control and money deposit and withdraw control with multiple suppliers. KSA International can provide not only logistics service, but but also undertake these tasks from our clients, which can minimize labors and inventories of our clients. Please feel free to inquire us as we can customize our services depending on your inquiries.


Merits for Clients

Inventory Reduction

Enable to reduce inventories of our clients because items are being owned by KSA International.

Improvement on Financial Indicators

Enable to improve our clients financial indicators such as total asset turnover, ROA and ROE.

Streamline Procurement Operations

Outsourcing procurement work to KSA international significantly reduces the workload of our clients.

Eliminating double-handling between parent and subsidiary companies

When the procurement or purchasing department of a parent company in Japan receives orders from the procurement department of its overseas subsidiary and arranges orders with multiple Japanese suppliers, KSA International can act as a buying agent on the client’s behalf, which helps eliminate double-handling between parent and subsidiary. We help to build environments enabling procurement departments of overseas subsidiaries to carry out procurement operations independently without relying on the head office’s procurement department.

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