Reasons to choose KSA

Many years of experience in logistics industry have made us well familiar with special cargoes such as shipments in aerospace and space related items. Not only providing simple logistics services, KSA International Inc. has many service lineups and solutions for variety of logistics inquiries, which makes our customers satisfied.



Specialist in Oversize and Overweight Transportation

  • Capable of cargo delivery and installation in many countries
  • Customs clearance for used machines
  • Know-How and knowledge through long time experience for variety of logistics inquiries
    [Previous Project]
     Oversize cargo such as a gigantic screen for a movie theater and critical transportation by a chartered aircraft



Expert in transportation for Aviation and Space Industry

  • Customs clearance of aircraft itself, duty exemption by utilizing Japanese customs laws and regulations, and items that fall under the Japan Export Trade Control Order.
  • Items destined for JMOD (Japan Ministry of Defense), JMOD designated Inspection, documentation and labeling
  • Customs clearance for items that contain explosives and harzardous materials and items that require government approvals
    [Main Handling Cargoes]
    • Oversize freight: Aircraft, GSE, Engines, Flaps
    • Raw Materials: Metal Materials, Honeycomb Core
    • Hazardous Materials: Paint, Heat Pipes, Explosive Devices, High-Pressure Gas Temp.
    • Control Required: Prepreg (frozen)
    • Aircraft Components: Galleys, Lavatories, APU, Avionics
    • Hardware: Fasteners, Engine Parts



Logistics for international events such as conference, exhibition and the Olympics

  • Logistics Service, documentation and cargo deliver and installation
  • Door to door transporation including international air and/or ocean shipment arrangement
  • Consulting and research in Japanese regulations for import and export restrictions, and duty exemption customs clearance



Quickness and Flexibility

One of our specialty is to handle small or difficult items that another logistics companies do not handle KSA International assigns a disignated contact person for each customers to accommodate customers requirements smoothly and quickly.



Logistics Specialist at Customers' Office

KSA International Inc. has our employees station at many customers offices, who can support our customer's logistics inquiries and provide professional logistic advices on site.



Third Party Logistics

KSA International Inc. always propose optimal logistics solutions including storage, delivery, international freight forwarding, customs clearance and logistics management systems. We can develop logistics strategy for our clients.



Procurement Agency Service

Our clients can utilize KSA International for their inventory control, as their purchasing department and/or any type of inquiries. One of our major merit to use this service is our expertise in customs clearance and commercial practices in overseas.

Core Business Foundation of KSA International

Worldwide Network

Our global network, including own subsidiaries and agent networks, covers 80 countries and 400 locations worldwide. To enhance our global network, we also join Tanden Global Logistic.

Overseas Branches

Sevice Quality

Our logistics specialist can provide solutions and high quality services for any type of shipping inquiries by utilizing our experience. Our company's motto is "Sincerity and Kindness".

Our main clients, major Japanese leading companies and government agencies

Main clients: IHI Corporation, IHI AEROSPACE CO.,Ltd., IMAX Japan Corporation, Aero Asahi Corporation, ALCONIX Corporation, Ishida Co.,Ltd., ITOCHU Corporation, ITOCHU Aviation Co.,Ltd., Wismettac Foods,Inc., Okaya & Co.,Ltd., Kanematsu Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries,Ltd., Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co.,Ltd., Kobe Steel,Ltd., Kojima Industries Corporation, GS Yuasa International Ltd., GF Co.,Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, Shimadzu Precision Instruments,Inc., JAMCO Corporation, JALUX Inc., Jupitor Corporation, Showa Aircraft Industry Co.,Ltd., Shintoa Corporation, ShinMaywa Industries,Ltd., Subaru Corporation, Sumisho Aero-Systems Corporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries,Ltd., All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd., Sojitz Corporation, Sojitz Aerospace Corporation, Pacific Industrial Co.,Ltd., TANABE PNEUMATIC MACHINERY Co.,Ltd., Teikoku Sen-i Co.,Ltd., Toyo Corporation, Japan Aerospace Corporation, Nippon Aircraft Supply Co.,Ltd., Nihon Kizai Co.,Ltd., Nippon Shinyaku Co.,Ltd., NIPPI Corporation, Nintendo Co.,Ltd., PPG PMC Japan,Co.,Ltd., Fuji Industries Co.,Ltd., Horiba,Ltd., Marubeni Aerospace Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, FUJI TEKKO Co.,Ltd., Mikuni Corporation., Mikuni Aerospace Corporation, Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co.,Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery,Inc., Morimura Bros.,Inc., The Yokohama Rubber Co.,Ltd., Rolls-Royce Solutions Japan Co.,Ltd.
Note: Listed in Japanese syllabary order



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