Special Cargo

Our logistics experts, with their wealth of experience, transport special cargo safely and reliably.

Special cargo is our specialty. Leave it all up to us—we handle freight for Japan’s Ministry of Defense, as well as integrated transport of chemicals such as explosives, paints, and adhesives, and frozen cargo. We offer safe, reliable success in obtaining tax exemptions for specific use for transport and customs clearing of parts and materials such as aircraft and rockets. We also provide advice and undertake applications on behalf of clients for documents such as export license applications, import approval applications, explosives import license applications, and so on.
We handle special requests as a matter of course, in a safe and reliable fashion. We are a group of logistics experts who take great pride in our specialty.


01 Cargo Inspection for Items to be delivered to MOD (Ministry of Defence)

KSA International hires MOD veterans and inspect items very precisely, such as quantity, appearance, cosmetic damages and so on with cross-checking with MOD contract documents.

02 Tax Exemption Customs Clearance

Japanese customs has a specialy duty exemption rule for items to be used aircraft, rocket and so on, which KSA International is very familiar with. We contribute our customers to save additional expenses by utilizing this special rule.

03 Application Service

In order for our clients to save time and expenses, KSA International prepares and submits legal documents on their behalf. Applications for import and export license, explosive approval, high-pressure gas approval and so on.

04 KSA Supports at Clients' Office

KSA International has our own employee station at our clients' offices in order to support their logistics arrangement as well as to select best services to match with the clients logistics needs.

05 Special Cargo

Based on our wealth of experience, we offer safe and reliable transportation for freight requiring special expertise to transport, including explosives, chemicals such as paints and adhesives, and frozen freight.

"Certificate of Appreciation" from MOD to KSA International to admire our contributions to MOD.

Previous Projects

Oversize & Overweight Cargo (aircraft, ground support equipment, engines, flaps), structural materials (metal materials, honeycomb cores), hazardous materials (paints, heat pipes, pyrotechnics, high-pressure gas), pre-preg.(frozen), aircraft components (galleys, lavatories, APU, avionics), hardwares (fasteners, engine parts)

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