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Promising “peace of mind” as an AEO authorized customs broker.“Fast, safe and secure” transportation with “sincerity and kindness”

In 2009, we were authorized as the 16th customs broker nationwide and the first AEO [Authorized Economic Operator] in the Kyoto-Shiga region by the Osaka Customs Office of the Ministry of Finance.

We previously cleared the C-TPAT inspection by the U.S. Customs Service in 2007, and received authorization this time in Japan.

A large number of our staff have received qualifications successively as registered customs specialists from customs clearance to bonding and provide optimum and reliable service.

Our dedicated staff supports customers with careful consideration through vanning and devanning to/from containers, storage and inspection of cargo. We meet various needs for a wide variety of industries and fields including aerospace-related, electronics, and precision equipment and the arts including general cargo and promise fast and secure transportation.

Customs clearance and logistic business

Items handled
  • ● Aviation and aerospace-related equipment
  • ● Electronics equipment
  • ● Precision equipment
  • ● Art work
  • ● Drugs and medicines
  • ● Apparel
  • ● Japanese wear
  • ● Academic conference and exhibition display materials
  • ● Others

Authorized as an AEO authorized customs broker (November 24, 2009)

The AEO [Authorized Customs Broker] authorization is granted to customs brokers who demonstrate particular excellence in compliance with laws and meeting security demands.

Mutual authorization with New Zealand and some other countries has been recognized and government-to-government talks are now being held with the U.S., China and Korea and other countries.

We were granted AEO status as the 16th of 881 nationwide customs brokers (as of April 2009). (First in Kyoto-Shiga region)

Receiving authorization notification letter

Receiving authorization notification letter

Flow chart of customs clearance and logistics

Flow chart of customs clearance and logistics