AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) system

This system was introduced by the Ministry of Finance in order to maintain a balance between ensuring security and smoothness in international logistics and enhancing Japan’s global competitiveness and as of now, a special import declaration system, specific export declaration system, specific bonding approval system, authorized economic operator system, specific bonding transport system and certified manufacturer system have been sequentially introduced and improved.

Mutual approval system

Various countries have introduced the AEO system in order to ensure security since the simultaneous terrorist attacks in the U.S., and the mutual approval system allows to mutually establish convenience for customs clearance procedures to the AEO authorized by each country. Therefore, Japan has concluded mutual approval with New Zealand, U.S., EU, Canada, Korea and Singapore as of August 2011.

Authorized economic operator system

With the authorized economic operator system, customs offices authorize customs brokers who establish systems for security control of cargo and compliance with laws. Customers also require reliable systems such as establishment of a compliance system, reliable customs clearance procedures and ensuring information security. As a result, we prepared for and received authorization as the 16th authorized customs broker nationwide and the 4th authorized customs broker under the control of the Osaka Customs Office on November 24, 2009. Customs clearance by authorized customs brokers can use a special consignment import declaration system which allows for tax declaration after pickup of imported cargo and a specific consignment export declaration system which allows for export declaration on cargo located in places other than bonding areas on the assumption of transportation by a specific bonding forwarder in the customs clearance procedures for export cargo, resulting in a reduction in lead time and cost.

High level customs clearance system

We deploy expert registered customs specialists in each sales office for proper and quick customs clearance, and continually make efforts on compliance with trade-related laws such as customs acts and up-to-date knowledge, and offer safe, reliable and high quality services to customers, as well as set up of a system to give proper and appropriate advice for troubles and consultations on customs clearance.